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commercial ElevatorResidential Elevator or Home Elevator
Elevators (commercial or residential)

For the discerning homeowner looking to add that final touch of class, or for a family needing to accommodate live-in grandparents or elderly relatives, a home elevator can be just the thing. Since they take up so much less space than a stairway, elevators give you more flexibility in your floor plan, and increase the status and market value of your home as well. We carry elevators with wood or glass side walls, skylights, and various lighting and decorative options, so you can be sure to find a model that complements your home’s décor.

Wheelchair Stair liftVertical lift
Wheelchair and Vertical Lifts (home or business)

These can be the perfect solution for providing access for the disabled to your home or business. Vertical lifts can be inside or outside, and can be configured in various different ways to fit your environment. If the lift needs to fit into an existing stairway, an incline lift is the appropriate answer. Please visit our office to learn more about these, and portable lifts.